Painting nature’s beauty through my eyes…

is such a wonderful gift and honor, it is a very dreamlike experience.

Abstract and colorful butterfly art…

A butterfly, the symbol of freedom

Painting flowers, a simple bloom…

I am honored to say my style has been compared to that of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Figurative paintings in mixed media….

as I “see” it should be. Therefore, there is a vague nature to the piece.

Abstract drawing is a source of comfort and peace…

by creating work to represent my thoughts, symbols and music of my time.

Combining the natural patterns and comforting shapes…

With my Linear Motion Collection and my love of paint.


Classic Prints Collection

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My classic collection includes pieces that are favorites to clients.  Giclee’ reproductions are available on each of the images in this collection. Ask me about reproduction sizes on either paper or canvas.

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Landscapes Original Art

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My first paintings were of the landscape.  I enjoy painting outside in the North Georgia mountians on the banks of the Chattahoochee and the mountians and valleys of Tennessee. To reproduce natures beauty through my eyes is such a wonderful gift and honor, it is a very dreamlike experience. “Your vision is the promise of what you

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Figure Paintings & Mixed Media

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As I was moving from the Linear Motion drawings to what would be my abstract paintings, I had the desire to create figures. My figurative work is presented in Mixed Media, as I “see” it should be.  Therefore, there is a vague nature to the piece. Most are women and remind me of my beautiful daughters.

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Abstract Pattern Paintings

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My abstract paintings combine the natural patterns and comforting shapes I make in my Linear Motion Collection with my love of paint.  My challange is to use the paint to represent these shapes as I see them, soft and dreamy. My names for these pieces represent the “place” I’m in at the time I’m creating. “All

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Butterfly Paintings

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The butterfly theme has always been a sincere desire of mine to express through my art.  In times of creative indecision, the answer was always to draw or paint a butterfly. The short life of a butterfly reminds me of the importance of life, beauty and time. “Just as the bird sings or the butterfly soars, because it is

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Linear Motion Original Art

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Linear Motion has always, and continues to be a source of comfort and peace to me. As a young adult, I created work to represent my thoughts, symbols and music of my time. Currently, I create Linear Motion pieces to escape into a world of color and design. It is my desire to take viewers

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August, 2014

“Your work is phenomenal and I was so impressed that you allowed us to auction it”

( Figures Art Client )

March, 2015

“You have amazing talent and it is wonderful that you do what you love.”

( Butterflies Art Client )

February, 2015

“My favorites are your flower studies, your work is amazing!”

( Florals Art Client )

March, 2015

“Every time I pass your painting in my home, it brings me such joy”

( Landscape Art Client )

May, 2015

“Her abstract work is wrapped in colors of absolute serenity and transcendental control”

( Abstract Art Client )

I look forward to painting something new for you!

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